Restoring FAITH In America

I am very concerned with the general direction of our nation. I am concerned with the failure to adhere to our constitution and laws; the lack of moral and ethical leaders; the political party ‘blame game’ which is polarizing and dividing this nation and its people; the increase in judicial and legislative tyranny; the bias and disinformation from our press; and the constant attacks to those of faith and our religious heritage.

It is written that “A kingdom that is divided against itself will not stand.” America is clearly heading in this direction. I am a patriot who loves this country and is willing to step out of my comfort zone to stand up and make a difference to defend our Republic, built by the people and for the people, from forces that are driving this nation toward a secular humanistic and socialist society.

I love God and live my life following His teachings. Our nation is backsliding away from His ongoing, positive influence, and it is time for that to change.