Pete GrassoUnlike career politicians who see only talking points and lack a thorough understanding of the issues they are supposed to oversee, Pete brings a keen analytical eye to the problems we face as a nation.

As a Senior Technology Executive with more than a decade of experience, Pete is a turnaround specialist – excelling at quickly and thoroughly analyzing complex 21st Century technologies and programs, determining objectives, then offering cutting-edge and cost effective solutions that work. Pete has managed multi-million dollar Information Technology overhauls within the Department of Defense, healthcare, biomedical, utilities, real estate, and manufacturing companies. He has studied each of these fields closely – learning their inner workings, and the reasons for their successes and failures.

Too often, the government solution for any failing program is to throw more money at symptoms verses the problem at hand. Pete recognizes that is far too simplistic, and it fails to address the core issues. Instead of inflating costs and building bureaucracy, Pete examines the problems from top to bottom and then implements action plans that address the problem directly instead of the symptoms.

When complex problems arise, or high-tech programs don’t work, or wastefulness and a lack of direction exist, Pete is an experienced change agent that produces results. He will draw on those skills to solve the myriad issues faced by our government.

As a career military officer, Pete Grasso spent 25 years of honorable service in the armed forces. He is a patriot who is not only intensely proud of this great nation, but also the work he has done on its behalf.

Pete started his military career in 1979 with the US Air Force. After a short hiatus from service, he entered the US Air National Guard in 1986, advancing to the position of Combat Communications Officer – Director of Plans. He later ascended to Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Integration Systems Program Officer. His proudest achievements include receiving the Commendation Medal for leading a team of Air Force and contractor personnel to develop and deploy the first multi-intelligent sensor capability for the Global Hawk for live action within Afghanistan to support our forces in combat shortly after “9/11.” Pete retired from military service on July 5, 2005.

As a husband to wife Debbie, father to two boys and a man of deep Christian faith, Pete Grasso lives by the word of God and applies the teachings of the Bible to his everyday life.

Two years ago, Pete started Trinity Express Lube, a small automotive service business in Winchester, VA. It now serves 15,000 customers annually while promoting Christian values.

As an author, Pete wrote the 2006 book In God We Betrayed, a call to action for people of faith against the forces of secular humanism that strip away the positive influences of the Word of God on our national life.

In God we betrayed - book

Pete holds an Executive MBA with honors from Boston University and an undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems from Salem State College. He is also a graduate of the Commissioned Officer Program from the Academy of Military Science.